Top # 20+ Famous Teachers Day Poems

Teachers Day Poems: Hi! Are you looking for the famous Teachers Day Poems? Then you are at the right place; we have garnered some of the most famous Poems. We Inspirational Love Quotes have published some the most famous Teachers Day Poems for you so that you can wish in the form of poems to your favorite teachers of college and school on this Teachers Day, which is on 5th September 2016 and make their day special and memorable.

Here are the collection of the best Teachers day Poems:

Top # 20+ Famous Teachers Day Poems

Teachers Day Poems
Teachers Day Poems

I Want To Be Like You

Thank you, teacher,
for being my life's role model.
When I consider all you've taught me
and reflect on the kind of person you are,
I want to be like you-
smart, interesting and engaging,
positive, confident, yet unpretentious.
I want to be like you-
well-informed and easy to understand,
thinking with your heart as well as your head,
gently nudging us to do our best,
with sensitivity and insight.
I want to be like you-
giving your time, energy and talent
to ensure the brightest possible future
for each of us.
Thank you, teacher
For giving me a goal to shoot for:
I want to be like you! - By Joanna Fuchs

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Wonderful Teacher

You've been a teacher,
that I truly admire.
In so many ways,
you constantly inspire.
Taught me the importance,
of a life filled with books.
And never to judge one,
by its cover or looks.
I've learned to apply,
the knowledge I read.
The lessons you taught me,
shall help me succeed.
You've always been,
thoughtful and nice.
Willing to help,
through your personal advice.
With certain questions,
you taught me to adapt and adjust.
In my abilities,
you continuously show trust.
You're a wonderful teacher,
and you really stand out.
You're my very favorite,
without any doubt.


Teacher' - a word that takes me back to the start,
The start of my very first day at school.
I tightly clenched my mother's hand,
I was afraid to let her go.
But suddenly somebody held my other hand
and all my fear flew 'cause there was someone to understand.
She wiped my tears and took me to class.
It's when my grooming starts.
I understood that a teacher is the second mother or father I had,
For which I'm still glad.
I am glad that I lived under their guidance.
They taught me all, all they had.
All the manners and values I have are just because of them.
In my growing life, they are the stem.
Like a tree, I have reached heights,
For my strength re-unites.
Teachers are my preachers,
They'll live in my heart forever.
For they have given me strength to endeavor.
They are my most precious treasure. - By Shambhavi Singh.

Random Day

Today seems normal,
like any random day.
On this white piece of paper,
a few thoughts I shall say.
Allow me to express,
my sincerest appreciation.
You play a big role,
in my evolving education.
Teachers like you,
are far and few in between.
Your positive outlook,
is like pastures of green.
You always encourage me,
and go way beyond.
For all your dedication,
I thankfully respond.
I know today is another,
normal and random day.
But my gratitude and appreciation,
I just wanted to convey.

Happy Teachers Day Poems
Happy Teachers Day Poems

Your Teachers

Let the sky
Your teacher.
You will learn
How to serve.
Let the moon
Your teacher.
You will learn
How to love.
Let the sun
Your teacher.
You will learn
How to become. - By Sri Chinmoy

The battle began,
in the very first class.
The teacher's advantage,
knowledge of mass.
The student was young,
ambitious and quick.
Challenged the teacher,
to sports with a stick.
Hockey and baseball,
victory was clear.
First point for the student,
they started to cheer.
The teacher fought back,
with knowledge from books.
One point in science,
through the student's blank looks.
The battle commenced,
in the valley of art.
Which masterpiece,
would just stand apart?
At the end of the day,
both were below swell.
The audience left,
as they heard the school bell.

If I Could Teach You, Teacher

If I could teach you, teacher,
I'd teach you how much more
you have accomplished
than you think you have.
I'd show you the seeds
you planted years ago
that are now coming into bloom.
I'd reveal to you the young minds
that have expanded under your care,
the hearts that are serving others
because they had you as a role model.
If I could teach you, teacher,
I'd show you the positive effect
you have had on me and my life.
Your homework is
to know your value to the world,
to acknowledge it, to believe it.
Thank you, teacher. - By Joanna Fuchs

Teachers Day 2016 Poem
Teachers Day 2016 Poem

Thank You, Teacher, For Guiding Our Way
You guide us,
You teach us,
You let us know,
what is right.
You help us,
You direct us,
And …
Today is Your Special Day Teacher
We take this day as an opportunity,
To extend our heartfelt thanks to you.
For all the patience and love
Thank you for being our teacher!

When we stride or stroll across the frozen lake,
We place our feet where they have never been.
We walk upon the unwalked. But we are uneasy.
Who is down there but our old teachers?
Water that once could take no human weight-
We were students then- holds up our feet,
And goes on ahead of us for a mile.
Beneath us the teachers, and around us the stillness - By Robert Bly  

Nahin hain shabd kaise karoon dhanyavaad,
Bas chahiye har pal aap sabka aashirvaad,
Hoon jahan aaj mai usme hain bada yogdaan,
Aap sabka jinhone diya mujhe itna gyaan.

A teacher is like Spring,
Who nurtures new green sprouts,
Encourages and leads them,
Whenever they have doubts.A teacher is like Summer,
Whose sunny temperament
Makes studying a pleasure,
Preventing discontent.A teacher is like Fall,
With methods crisp and clear,
Lessons of bright colors
And a happy atmosphere.A teacher is like Winter,
While it’s snowing hard outside,
Keeping students comfortable,
As a warm and helpful guide.Teacher, you do all these things,
With a pleasant attitude.
You’re a teacher for all seasons,
And you have my gratitude!

Your Climb

You've been an excellent teacher,
that's obvious and clear.
Let's take a quick look,
at your educational career.
You've taught countless students,
with passion and zest.
Achieved so much,
and passed every test.
Many students that would,
pass through your door.
Were inspired by you,
to achieve and explore.
Your teaching style,
was one of a kind.
You nurtured and challenged,
each students mind.
We would like to thank you,
for your service and dedication.
You'll continue to be,
a true inspiration.
We hope you enjoy your retirement,
and extra free time.
As you're looking from the top,
think of your climb.

Happy Teachers Day 2016 Poem
Happy Teachers Day 2016 Poem

Not Just A Teacher But A Friend

I had no where to turn, had no where to go.
this is just something I think you need to know
I don't know what made me trust you
I still remember the day when I told you what I've been through
I thought I should run away, go hide in a hole
but then you really brought out my true soul
As each day grew longer
our trust became stronger
each time I wanted to cry
you stayed there right by my side
then I moved to the next grade
Boy was I afraid
that our trust would slowly fade
but I was wrong
we are still strong
even though sometimes you don't have time
you at least ask me if I am fine
even though sometimes I am not
I feel like I have just been shot
I smile and say yes I'm alright
then I walk away and you're out of sight
I'll just have to wait
I still have my fate
I am so glad
that you were there when I was sad
and this is what makes you
Not just my 7th grade teacher, my friend. - By Darby.

Rarely does someone
get to influence a person’s life
in a positive way
for a lifetime,
as a teacher can,
fostering optimism and confidence,
providing knowledge that leads to success,
and being a good role model,
as you have,
and you are,
and you will
I’ll remember you always.
Thank you.

You make my life better
both in and out of class.
Your lessons enrich my brain.
Your caring touches my heart.
You are an extraordinary person,
etched in my memory forever.
It is a privilege to know you.
Thank you, teacher, for being you. - By Joanna Fuchs

When I started school,
This day seemed so far away.
Now it’s here, and I can’t believe,
That time has passed so quickly.
But because of your encouragement and guidance,
I feel I’m ready for tomorrow’s challenges.
Teachers play such an important part,
In shaping and guiding.
Especially teachers like you,
Thank you for caring so much.

I always love your class;
Your teaching helps me see,
That to have a happy life,
Learning is the key.
You understand your students;
You’re sensitive and smart.
You’re a skillful teacher;
I knew it from the start.
I’m grateful for your wisdom
For the teacher that you are;
You’re a very good person,
And as a teacher, you’re a star!

I remember the times when you were there for me
through my many tears you helped me really see
that you always there for me
you stood close to me like a friend, there for me
until the end
I will never forget you, the things
you helped me through, I saw my inspiration
it is you
you were always there when I needed you
I now will always have great memories of you
You would ask me "how are you doing?"
I would say I'm fine
as tears start to form in my eyes
you always knew that I was really not fine
You are someone that I want to be like
I found out who that person is, that person is you
I hope that you remember me through your days
you have touched my heart in so many ways
I look up to you and I see a ray of sunshine
shining in on me
I knew God sent me one of his angels
when he sent you to me
You help me through it all
coming to save me every time I fall
If I could say one word that wouldn't
tell it all
I am so happy to have you with me
you helped me to really see what I couldn't see
You helped me to find the real me
you turned me into the beautiful person
I was meant to be.
If I say goodbye to you I will just fall apart
because you have always been in my heart
I don't want to lose you
you care about me and I care about you too
I remember the day I first met you and you met me
it was like it was really meant to be
you are someone I hold close to my heart
there I know that we will never be apart.

Teachers Day Poem
Teachers Day Poem

You Told Me 

You told me to listen to my heart
But it wasn't speaking
You told me to wait
But soon I got impatient
You told me to feel
But I didn't know how to feel beyond my body
You told me to see through it
But it wasn't made of glass
You told me read between the lines
But there was nothing there
You told me to be careful
Does it mean I was too careless?
You told me I was blind
But still I could see
You told me we don't have time to spare
But who were we giving our time to?
You told me stop being so closed
But I wasn't a door
You told me "don't cry"
Was I suppose to force myself to be happy
You told me to forgive and forget
But it's not easy
You told me to l o v e
But what is that?
You don't know what it is until you find it
Where is it?
Nobody knows
You told me a lot of things
And I didn't really know what they meant
But I've grown now
You're gone and I wish you would tell me some more. - By Imani Miller

Teachers open up young minds,
showing them the wonders of the intellect
and the miracle
of being able to think for themselves.
A teacher exercises the mental muscles of students,
stretching and strengthening,
so they can make challenging decisions,
find their way in the world,
and become independent.
The best teachers care enough
To gently push and prod students
to do their best
and fulfill their potential.
You are one of those.
Thank you!

On this very special day,
A note of thanks, I am sending your way.
To express my heartfelt greetings
To someone who is more than just a teacher.
You have been there in my dark days,
Leading me diligently through the way.
Pulling my ship to the shore,
When the storms of the sea were at a roar.
For all the guidance and love you showered,Thank You, Teacher, today and forever.

Happy Teacher's Day

Today is your day,
and we'd like to thank.
We won't misbehave,
nor pull a new prank.
We're extremely grateful,
for all the things that you do.
We appreciate and acknowledge,
as we look through your view.
Sometimes we don't listen,
while you repeatedly explain.
We're sorry for our insincerity,
and for causing you pain.
You've shown us the importance,
with effort to strive.
For knowledge and success,
and not just survive.
We would like to add,
from our hearts we really care.
You mean a lot to us,
you're beautifully rare.
Happy Teacher's Day,
to a special teacher like you.
With your wisdom you guide us,
to a life that is humble and true.

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